Executive development

In a tough and uncertain environment, leadership is more important than ever in giving your company a competitive edge. Organizational restructuring and globalization place managers in more demanding roles, requiring skills beyond their areas of disciplinary training or expertise.

Al Rouya United's Executive Development Program (EDP) prepares fast-track executives for moving from mastery of one area to a broader role. This Program uses a multidimensional approach of lectures, small/large group discussion, case study, role playing, a leadership workshop, and a strategy simulation to provide new insights and give participants opportunities to apply them. The hands-on sessions are purposely designed to capture the years of experience in the room and/or in your very own organization. Learning groups provide opportunities for exploring issues across business and cultural boundaries, and social activities promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections.

A team of faculty from reputable business school, experts in diverse business disciplines, provides in-depth knowledge in core business areas.

Area of focus for executives can vary from one organization to another depending on many variables but mainly focusing on developing people to accomplish the organization goals and objective in a manner that can allow them to cope with external and internal barriers. However, executive development programs can have different percentage of focus on the following areas depending on the objective of the program:

Leadership development.
Participative management.
Talent retention.
People development.
Strategic planning & road mapping.
Balance of long term life goals and challenges Vs corporate goals.
Change management.
Corporate governance Financial challenges.
Conflict resolution.

How can we help you in the area of executive development?

Consulting & Advisory.
Customized Long term development programs.
Customized short term programs.
Open enrollment local & international programs/sessions/workshops.


AlRouya united partners with academic business school and specialized organization to offer its best practices in the field of executive development. Which in turn allows for?

We can get involved at any stage
Our programs are tailor made
Sound and practical solutions
Balanced offer
Mix of academic and practical solutions
  Sector/region specific multi-nature solutions
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