Experiential Learning

An extremely effective, result oriented, innovative and novel approach to people and talent development! Our programs comprise of planned and guided learning interventions. These focus on identifying and developing key competencies amongst individuals, required to bring about attitudinal and progressive changes, in an ever demanding and ever changing work environment.

Experiential learning stresses on hands on experience

Individuals and teams participate in application oriented programs that engage and challenge them - emotionally, physically and mentally! Guided exploration equips teams and individuals with problem solving tools, encouraging and directing them to use these for real life situations at workplace. The participants have clear control over the nature and direction of the learning.

Interventions are based on direct confrontation with practical, logical, personal and work place related problems and situations!

A Structured Experience

Our process employs the whole experiential learning wheel

Partnering organizations in their employee development initiatives, to:

Help develop a smart and efficient workforce.
Develop people related and managerial skills.
Develop potential leaders.
Help people transition from technical to managerial work.
Equip leaders with tools to overcome challenges.

Customized Programs

Each program is customized towards the business requirement, the culture and values of the organization. Our process for the programs includes "clear objectives, skilled facilitation, a plan to transfer the knowledge gained back to the job, credible evaluation and follow-up."

Extremely engaging, participative, challenging!!!

Role plays
Music and Dance
Creative Art
High rope
Real life community projects
Business simulations
Water based simulations

Our Programs Promise

Creating enduring discoveries and lasting change.
Acquisition of new skills sets and positive attitudes.
Self insight and awareness.
Lasting learning!

Our programs are a combination of the below mentioned skill sets; where each workshop can be a combination of more than one competency or even stand alone interventions addressing specific briefs.

Intra- team Coaching & Support
Discovery, getting to know colleagues
Leadership Skills
Adaptability to Change
Improved Delegation
Effective Communication
Stress Management
Improving Productivity
Time Management
Negotiation Skills
Quality circles (Learning organization cells)
Company Vision & Mission articulation
Company Values
Conflict Resolution
Creative / Lateral Thinking
Decision Making
Breaking self espoused limits
Synergy of new entity
Problem Solving
Stepping out of Comfort Zones
Culture Building


Experiential Learning Methodology

We use a combination of:
1. The Experiential Approach
(Reflection and Introspection, Action Learning, Contemporary Management Theory)

2. Psychometric/Profiling Tools to deliver memorable learning sessions using collaboration's our proprietary 4-S Approach.

Psychometric Tools

We use various types of Psychometric tools to assist us in determining how best to improve current skills and performance. The better people understand themselves and others, the better they can build and maintain positive workplace relationships. We have certified and experienced team to administer these tools. These tools are:

1. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® MBTI® instrument is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Jung's theory of psychological type understandable and useful in everyday life.

2. Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation - Behavior (FIRO-B®) is an instrument that assists organizations with team-building and how to effectively communicate with others.

profiling is a personal assessment tools used to improve work
productivity, teamwork and communication.


4. MASK. It is a simulated tool to understand each other’s strength and
weaknesses, not by filling up questionnaire, but by face-to-face discussion and brainstorming.

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