Group Training and Events

Whether your team building activity is aimed at motivating, inspiring, rewarding, educating, or all of the above, there’s an event for you. We deliver team building events that delight our contacts and our participants alike.

Whether you are looking for a half hour fun team energizer, an intensive two days that will make a real difference to team effectiveness back at work or anything in between we have options that are really different to the norm.

Corporate Team Building

Corporate teams look for a mixture of participant enjoyment, relevance, uniqueness and learning potential when it comes to choosing their team building activities. It is no longer enough to just give teams a good time. Even if reward and motivation are key characteristics of what you want your team building session to achieve, you will also want something that can make a difference to the team back in the workplace and not just on an away day.

Any Team, Any Size, Anywhere

Large and Small Groups – from 3 to 3,000
All Inclusive
Outdoor Activities
For all Levels of Fitness
Indoor Activities
Every Day of the Week
Great Venues
Nationally & Internationally

Fun and Challenging

Our simulations mix enjoyment and challenge in equal measure. Tackling our challenges requires the same kind of skill sets and team approaches that your people need at work. So individual and team learning is relevant and effective.

A Choice of Activities

All of our options have been designed for corporate teams. Without exception, each and every one of them has an in-depth and structured debriefing process that for the clients that want it, maximize the learning outcomes and send teams away ready to be more effective from the next day on.

A Choice of Venues

Our activities are all mobile, which means that we can and do run them anywhere. Wherever you are, wherever you want to hold your corporate team building day, you can be sure that, if anyone can run an activity there for you, we can.

Who benefits?

Our team building activities have helped numerous people improve their effectiveness on a team. Company executives, managers, team leaders and team members all have a vested interest in being able to work as part of a cohesive group with defined goals and objectives.

Why choose us?

Powerful change management simulation developed at INSEAD's Centre of Advanced Learning Technologies
Dedicated to providing the best teambuilding programs in the world – Catalyst Team Building UK
Our options, as well as being enjoyable, are designed to offer real team improvement
We can handle any group size from 3 to 3,000 people with the same, fantastic portfolio of activities
We don’t have people standing on the sidelines – each activity has something for everyone to enjoy and get stuck into

Our Top Activities for Team Development


A cruise ship gets into trouble and you are the only ones they can contact. Can you help them regain control of their ship? A fascinating challenge that involves communication, cerebral and practical challenges. A brilliant option for small teams.
Wild West

We’ll take you back in time and across the world to teach you skills from the Wild West. Gun slinging, gold panning and railroading are just the start! Run a western town while having fun! None of your people will have done anything like this before.

The ultimate team building activity! Cube really does have everything in it. Great for larger groups with definite messages to get across, this is a fundamentally collaborative activity with a common goal everyone works towards.

There are treasure hunts and there is Treasure. Individually created for your group and location by our Master Hunt Creators, Treasure will engage, challenge and offer more sheer fun than any treasure hunt you have ever done before.

Team building is so often about building metaphorical bridges between team members. In this challenging and involving activity however, there is nothing metaphorical about these bridges! This is a hand-on activity with a project management focus.

A specialist team building activity for sales and customer service people that has real relevance to their frontline roles. Finding something for such a group can be difficult. Dropzone offers you real team building with a frontline focus.
First Contact

Set in the near future, teams compete and collaborate to make First Contact with aliens that want to see if we are ready to join the intergalactic community. Great fun that involves robots, celestial mechanics and a fabulous moon walking race!
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