Quality Management Consultancy

Total Quality Management (TQM) is systematic problem solving for continuous improvement, set of guiding principles that represent the foundation of the continuous improvement process within an organization. When organizations embark on a systematic approach to quality improvement based on a TQM principles, they gain both measurable and intangible benefits.

We deliver high value Quality Management Systems Consultancy. Our tailor made industry specific solutions supported with well-proven tools, approaches and methodologies based on TQM principles will fit your needs and transform your organization.

Our approach in the development of QMS as per ISO standards by considering all opportunities of enhancing the organization performance to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our solution involves training and workshops to involve as many people in the system development and implementation. We offer comprehensive Quality Management Systems Consultancy and Training in the following areas:

Consultancy Areas

Awareness Programs for various levels in the organization.
Conducting internal audit.
Formulating Quality Policy.
Preparation of manuals required by ISO standard.
Implementation of the system.
Conducting adequacy audit before the certification audit by external agency. Helping you in the selection of the certifying agency.

Six Sigma Consultants

Every Organization today needs to ensure the processes and practices are in place to improve quality, cut costs and increase speed. Our team comprises of professionals who have wide range of experience in implementing Six Sigma in all kind of industries like manufacturing, finance, service, media, banking etc. We help organizations to implement Six Sigma by identifying the right projects, help them execute these projects and conducting following trainings

Champions Training
Six Sigma Awareness
Black Belt
Green Belt
Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement programme that combines two ideas: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean is a collection of techniques for reducing the time needed to provide products or services. Six Sigma is a collection of techniques for improving the quality of products and services, contributing to increased customer satisfaction. By combining the two, Lean Six Sigma is a proven business management strategy that helps organizations operate more efficiently.

LSS Benefits for the Organization
LSS Benefits for Professionals
Lower Operational costs
Promote best practices in the field
Increase Service Level
Differentiate themselves and validate their knowledge
Improve overall performance
Develop Leadership Skills
A Systematic problem-solving approach
Better Decision Makers
Better Decision Makers
Improve Project Management Skills

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