Specialized Programs

Accounting, Finance and Auditing

Asset and Liability Management
Financial Analysis and Evaluation
Financial Controlling
Managerial Accounting
Working Capital Management
Finance for Non-finance Managers
Finance Risk Management
Cash Flow Management
Financial Modeling Using Excel
International Standards of Internal Auditing
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Budgeting Foundations

Human Resources

Certified Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Best Practices
Manpower Planning
Training and Development
Career Planning
Compensation and Benefits
Training Effectiveness Evaluation
Legal Business Ethics
Recruitment Management
Interviewing and Selection Techniques
Psychometric Testing

Banking and Investment

Fundamentals of Islamic Banking.
Islamic Banking Investment Applications
Money Laundering
International Accounting Standards
Investment Abroad with the Provisions of Shariaa
Financing Operations with the Provisions of Shariaa
Investment Risk Management
Securities Investment Analysis
Securities Portfolios Performance Evaluation
Investment Operations Management
Project Financing and Feasibility Study
Mergers and Acquisitions Management

Management Specialized Programs

Mini MBA
International Contract Management
Procurement Management;
Data Management
Claims and Despite Management
Tendering Management
Office Management
Material Management
Key Account Management
Project Management
Conflict Management;
Meetings Management;
Strategic Management Planning
Change Management

Health and Safety

Accident Investigation;
Lockout/Tagout controlling;
Auditing Process Safety Management;
Machine Safeguarding;
Confined Space Program;
Personal Protective Equipment;
Process Hazard Analysis;
Defense Driving Course;
Process Safety Management;
Effective Accident Investigation;
Process Safety Change Management;
Electrical Safety;
Process Security Management;
Emergency Action Plans;
Safety Management System Evaluation;
Fall Protection Program;
Safety Supervision and Leadership;
Fire Prevention Plans;
Safety Inspection;
First Aid;
Security Vulnerability Analysis;
Forklift Safety;
Warehousing and Storage Safety;
Hazard Analysis and Control;
Welding, Cutting and Brazing Safety;
Hazard Communication HAZCom;

Industrial and Environmental Safety

Air Sampling for Toxic Substances;
Control and Remediation of Environmental Risk;
Environmental Decision Making;
Environmental Impact Assessment;
Ergonomic Control Programs to Prevent Injuries in Industry;
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene;
Hazardous Materials HAZMAT;
Hazardous Waste Management;
Improving Health and Safety in Laboratories;
Indoor Air Quality;
Industrial Noise Control;
Industrial Ventilation;
Management of Environmental Risk;
Office Ergonomics;
Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing;
Root Cause Analysis and Preventing Human Error;
Waste Minimization.
Legal and Organizational Factors Related to the Environment;
Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards Within Plant Operations;

Specialized soft skills and workshops

Administrative Skills;
Business Etiquette;
Business Writing;
Creative Thinking
Customer Satisfaction
Fast Reading and Strong Memory
Interpersonal Skills
Marketing Techniques
Mind Mapping
Negotiation Skills
Planning and Organizing
Public Relation;
Purchasing Skills;
Secretary Skills;
Self Awareness;
Selling Skills;
Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Report Writing;
Presentation Skills;
Managing Stress;
Supervision Skills;
Time Management
Coaching Skills;
Creativity & Innovation;
Dealing with Change;
Decision Making;
Developing Emotional Intelligence;
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness;
Leader as a Coach;
Planning and Organizing Skills;
Project Management
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving;
Risk Analysis;
Team Building;
Team Leadership;
Team Work;
The Balanced Scorecard;
Train the Trainer.

English Specialized Courses

General English;
English for HR;
Business English;
English for Legal;
Customized English Course;
English for Logistics;
English for Accounting;
English for Marketing;
English for CRM;
English for Meetings;
English for Hospitality;
English for Sales.
English for Oil and Gas
English For Banking
English for Telecommunication
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