Kuwait National Petroleum CO, Kuwait

“I would really like this opportunity and thank you and your Dept. mainly Mr. Waleed Al Hammad too. I did fill in the Feedback and i was very proud of Alrouya United.
First time I felt good in a course and the outdoor leadership program was very interesting and really did put us all in how a leader should do/act in certain situations plus how a leader should do if there are changes in our company, we should always not to be scared when there are changes in KNPC (that's the jump i did from the top of the roof of the Bldg during one exercise, i was scared but when i did it i felt good and was easy and ready to do it again)."
I believe this training was a very good idea and different to what we have been accustomed to (everyone seemed to enjoy it).
I learnt from these two days program more than 10 years of courses I already took, It was new technique of learning by doing something new and understand your weakness and strength
The program was very interesting and different. An excellent training worth attending….

KPMG Safi Al-Mutawa, kuwait

As a part of KPMG Kuwait's ambition to be the Employer of Choice in our field, we focus heavily on our people. In line with that policy we searched for a company that could deliver a tailor made course that would inspire, and motivate our managers in people skills, and better prepare them for further promotion.

Alrouya United provided unique and inspirational training based on experiential learning. The instructors were highly qualified with fantastic coaching skills, and the ability to motivate ordinary people to carry out extra ordinary activities way outside their comfort zones. In the short time since the course was conducted the difference in the office environment is quite remarkable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alrouya United to any potential client.

Paul Harradine, Director of Human Resources
KPMG Safi Al-Mutawa & Partners

I believe that all of us want to express our appreciation to you for that days at Failaka Island . All of us are still enthused with this experience and continue to remember each and every moment there! We were particularly impressed with the quality and planning of that training program. It's readily apparent that, who run this training are real professionals. Your friendly consideration to us was most gratifying. I hope that I shall be invited again to similar programs in the nearest future.

Essam Ahmed, Manager (participant) KPMG Safi Al-Mutawa

The program was simply "fantastic" and "exciting". It is very different from the regular training programs. What you learn – you retain because it is practical. You learn from experience. The activities were good – or should I say … challenging, both physically (well not as much) and mentally.

There is a lot to learn from this experience.

Managing expectation (downward and upward)
Trust – trusting oneself and trusting your team
Following instructions – paying attention to detail. This is so important.
Accepting challenges – coming out of the "comfort zone".
Working as a team – various departments coming together and working as "ONE" company. As we all have some basic similar goals and everyone needs to think of the company as a whole. One common goal – one common focus.
Most of all – I learned by weaknesses and strengths and am working on enhancing my strengths and improving on my weaknesses.

Your team is very good. They kept us going, they kept us interested at all times. The tone and the enthusiasm received from your team was great. Rizwana Narvel (Participant), Manager - Business Performance Services KPMG Advisory W.L.L., Kuwait

Alghanim Industries, Kuwait

Experiential learning was a great experience especially with a committed team like Alrouya United.
I never thought I can learn something from such training programs but I was wrong, now I have a much better view when approaching a new project, working with a new team and the way I communicate with my colleagues.
- Participant, Roy Al Hayat, Finance Division (Automobiles)

Let me assure you that the time I spent with the team at Failaka acquired a special part of my memory, and it was a first time experience that added value to my thinking and behavior.
Regarding the program, I can say that it is essential for every individual to go through experimental training or learning since this process shades light on different aspects of ones character and personality in several situations, consequently giving a great chance for the person to point out his/her weak points and work on improving them.

I would like to thank you for giving us the chance to go through this unique program in the proper manner. Participant, Salam Housami, Financial Analyst, Vehicle Sales, Alghanim Industries, Kuwait

Kuwait Finance House

Experiential The Workshop for Smart Managers at Failaka Heritage Village was very energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.
Participant, Experience based Outbound Learning Program for Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Viva Telecom

I would like to express my complete satisfaction for the enriching learning experience that you and your facilitators had prepared for us through this workshop; it was fun, exciting, and meaningful, for the first time I have such a learning experience.
Participant, Team Building workshop for VIVA – Kuwait Telecom Company's Senior Management held at Sea Shell Julai'a Resort, Kuwait.

Ernst & Young

I'm delighted with the work that Al Rouya have done to support our sales incentive scheme. They have created the structure and processes which we require internally to drive results. Their practical, no nonsense advice has helped us put strong foundations in place to grow the business. I will continue to engage them as they are responsive, flexible, very much experts in their field and highly professional.
Consultancy Program was implemented for Ernst & Young on "Support for Sales Incentive Scheme, Kuwait.

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